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Davis calls on PLP to unite

In a call to action last night, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis said the worst of the party’s problems are over and urged members to become active, unite and ignore the outside forces against them.

“We are off the reefs now SS PLP,” Davis said during a special rally at PLP headquarters.

“Its hull has been prepared. We are out to sea sailing to victory and as we sail to victory let us continue to show we encounter no storms.

“And so PLPs the worst is behind us. We cannot turn back now.”

As the PLP prepares to go into convention next week, Davis called on party members to unite.

“Our work right now is reforming and rebuilding our great party, reinvigorating it with new voices [and] renewing its promise,” he said.

“Everywhere I go I see great talent and optimism, and I see Bahamians ready to do the work. We all know sitting still is not an option.

“If you’ve been supporting us silently, please start coming to branch meetings, we want to hear your voice.

“If you have been coming to branch meetings, start bringing your cousins and your aunts, your uncles and your co-workers so we can include and hear from more people.

“This has always been a party of the people and nothing makes me feel more optimistic about our future than when I travel around and see PLP branches up and ready and in fighting form.”

 South Andros MP Picewell Forbes and Senators Clay Sweeting and JoBeth Coleby-Davis also spoke during the meeting, offering a similar call to action.

“We need to be revived,” Forbes shouted.

“We need some new blood. We need some fresh blood, new insights, fresh perspectives, with God’s words as our guide.

“Let’s take up the challenge to win… We must win for the sake of this country. We must win with the fight of integrity. We must win with passion. We must win with conviction. We must win with determination; no wishy-washy jelly back PLPs.

“We got to be strong and we got to win. We must unite when we come out to convention next week, to build and put aside our differences. The enemy is not within, but the enemy is on the outside.”

The PLP will hold a two-day convention starting July 25.

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