Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020
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Crime drops by 17 percent

Crime is down by 17 percent across the country for the first half of the year, according to Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson.

Despite the double-digit drop, Ferguson said today that some categories of crime are still at unacceptable levels.

The Family Islands recorded the largest drop in crime, decreasing by 29 percent.

Crime dropped by 16 percent in New Providence and by six percent in Grand Bahama, Ferguson said.

Murders decreased by 17 percent, from 54 murders up to the end of June last year, to 45 murders recorded during the same period this year.

Rapes decreased by 37 percent, from 38 to 24.

Armed robbery dropped by six percent, from 229 to 215.

Police recorded a major drop in crimes against the property as well, Ferguson said.

Housebreaking dropped by 21 percent; stolen vehicles dropped by 37 percent and stealing dropped by nine percent.

Overall, violent crimes decreased by 14 percent and property crimes decreased by 18 percent, Ferguson said.

“Despite the downward trend however, there is the fear of crime,” Ferguson added.

“The police are working assiduously to reduce this fear by increasing our visibility in the communities and through intelligence-led operations.”

He said police are more intentional in their approach and strategies this year.

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