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Nyah is laser-focused

If Nyah Bandelier hadn’t won the Miss World Bahamas title, she would have been immersed in final preparations to attend university as she’s passionate about furthering her education; but a little under two months since winning the crown, she’s immersed in preparing herself to put her best foot forward on the international stage in London, with the pageant having switched from Thailand.

The 69th Miss World final, at which 130 countries will be represented, will be held at ExCel Arena, London, on Saturday, December 14. Contestants are expected to arrive in London on November 20.

“I was definitely looking forward to Thailand because I’ve never been there. It’s not really the typical place you would just say, oh, let me go to Thailand. It was really different, and I was really looking forward to it, but I’m still just as equally excited to go to London because I’ve never been,” said Bandelier.

She’s also excited about the change in country as it will now allow for her to have more fan support base during the final, which she’s looking forward to having.

“In a way, I’m actually really happy that it is in London now, because I can now get a lot of that Bahamian support, because a lot of Bahamians live in London, and it’s closer, and easier to travel to, so a lot of my family can go over as well. And I’m looking forward to that Bahamian support, so I’m happy that it is in London.”

That also means a change in wardrobe for the beauty ambassador, who is excited for the cooler temperatures she will encounter.

“I’m also excited about my wardrobe, because as the committee mentioned to me, now that it’s in London, the climate is totally different, and it will be cold, so I can’t wait to see what my wardrobe will be like. I’ve never been in that type of climate. And I’m really looking forward to experiencing that as well – and the food, and sightseeing places. I’m just really looking forward to seeing what London has to offer. It really seems like a beautiful country and place.”

As for the farthest she’s traveled from The Bahamas, she said tongue-in-cheek, “The typical place every Bahamian goes to,” before the 19-year-old laughingly said she was just kidding and that she had traveled to Tennessee.

In the just under two months that she’s worn the crown, she said her life has changed.

“It’s just so crazy to me that I’m in this position, but I’m very thankful and grateful and I do think that God has great plans for my life.”

She had previously told The Nassau Guardian that she was super excited and grateful to be able to represent The Bahamas on the international stage, and that from her crowning there was already a buzz about The Bahamas coming strong this year. And that she hoped to live up to it and make her country, family and herself proud.

“And I do think I will make the Bahamian people and myself proud.”

Preparations have been in earnest from the day following to get her to the best place she can possibly be in a little over six months from crowning to stepping onto the international stage.

“Daily preparation for me is…meetings with committee members, working on my speech, or meeting with someone to help me with my overall presentation and the way I interact with others. When it’s not that, it’s some sort of appearance, and it can get really hectic, because I work a full-time job at the same time at Aliv where I’m a marketing and social media assistant and brand ambassador. And managing all of that on top of trying to balance my own personal time and have a social life, it can get very hectic, but I’ve noticed that I can do it once I just time-manage everything that I do. So far, I’ve been time-managing everything well, but it can get very hectic and overwhelming at the same time, but it’s just up to me to not let it get to me.”

She’s also had to “tighten her belt” in preparation for the international stage and makes it a point to hit the gym at least twice a week, and said she’ll be starting with a personal trainer in the near future to get her body tight and fit.

“I am currently at 137 pounds, and I’m 5-feet, 8-inches. I’m at a very good weight for my height, but I want to tone up for this international pageant.”

One of Bandelier’s favorite things to eat is chicken wings, especially spicy chicken wings in goat pepper sauce. She said it has been a bummer cutting them out, but she has a goal in mind and had to do it.

Bandelier represents The Bahamas at the Miss World pageant which started in 1951, ironically, in London, as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations, and has inspired thousands of women to use their talents to support the poor, sick and disadvantaged through its “Beauty With A Purpose” charitable program. Miss World is not a traditional beauty pageant, but rather a platform for women from across the globe to raise awareness and funds in aid of humanitarian causes.

At Miss World, Bandelier and her fellow contestants will compete in a series of fast track events that guarantee a place in the top 30 – multimedia, sport, talent, top model, head-to-head challenge and beauty with a purpose, taking them on a journey across some of London’s most iconic landmarks, taking in its culture and heritage.

The Miss World Festival will be held in Thailand in 2020 to celebrate their 70th year.

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