Friday, Dec 13, 2019
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Time to end suffering of Potter’s Cay vendors

Dear Editor,

This is a plea for the saving of the economic lives of the Bahamian Potter’s Cay licensed businesses that sell conch salad, food and drinks to many visitors and locals alike.
Their very existence is threatened by the heavy-handed and mindless reaction to a murder, over which the vendor had no control. 

Potter’s Cay Dock is not a place where random shootings take place, perpetuated by people who emerge from cars parked in front of the stalls.

You would not plan a drive-by shooting on Potter’s Cay on a busy night, simply because at all times there is always congested traffic.

Many people just drive on the dock with no intention of staying or spending money; just embracing the spectacle and activity of locals and visitors getting down. It is accepted that traffic moves slowly and you do not hear cars blowing horns in frustration as you enter or exit the dock, no matter how busy.

If you want to get to the east quickly, you do not drive through Potter’s Cay period.

The business at Potter’s Cay did not develop as a venue accessible to pedestrians only, but will surely become desolate, as it has now, by the new parking rules being mercilessly enforced.

I witnessed cars being towed and one distraught vendor offering to “valet park” my car to get my business on Sunday. It was because of that vendor I promised to write this letter.

The PLP has already jumped into the fray, but Madam Editor, the elections are three years away. 

Surely my caring FNM government will see the devastation and reverse the policy they have created to cause the devastation.

I don’t recall who said that the vendors should call their patrons to come and spend money; alas business does not work that way. The taxi drivers who bring the tourists are also being frustrated because the customer satisfaction is being diminished.

There have been murders on Arawak Cay. Have patrons been prevented from parking in front of stalls there?

Please, Mr. National Security Minister, admit there has been an overreaction.

The desolation at Potter’s Cay is there for all to see, so would the restoration with the reversal of the draconian policy now in place.

Please end the needless suffering of our Bahamian Potter’s Cay vendors.

– Edroy Deveaux

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