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Man admitted to killing his teen lover’s mother

A man admitted to killing his teen lover’s mother, a Supreme Court jury heard yesterday.

Zyndall McKinney, 32, is accused of the fatal stabbing of American Anna Garrison, whose decomposing body was found wrapped in sheets on the side of Fox Hill Road south on July 4, 2009.

Garrison, who lived between The Bahamas and West Palm Beach, Florida, was first reported missing to Bahamian police on February 25, 2009.

McKinney, who is on bail, has denied the manslaughter charge at his trial before Justice Carolita Bethel.

The investigating officer, Superintendent Antoine Rahming, said that McKinney waived his right to counsel during the videotaped confession.

During his confession to the killing, McKinney, then 22, portrayed Garrison as a “bad mother”, who was promiscuous, forced her 16-year-old girl to go out clubbing and drinking and was physically abusive to her daughter.

McKinney, who was dating Garrison’s daughter, said that the teenager moved in with him because of her mother’s alleged mistreatment.

Rahming told McKinney, who had initially faced a murder charge, that he had information that he murdered Garrison. He replied: “Das true.”

According to McKinney, Garrison came to his place and pulled a knife on him during an argument over her daughter and she was fatally stabbed.

McKinney said he buried her in the yard, but eventually dug up her body because, “I was in fear that my grammy would come across it.”

McKinney later discarded the body on the roadside.

McKinney’s lawyer, Murrio Ducille, will cross-examine Rahming on Monday.

Terry Archer and Perry McHardy are prosecuting.

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