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PLP debt not hindering ability to hold conventions

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) is still working to pay down the $1.5 million owed in post-election debt, according to PLP Convention Chairman Michael Halkitis.

Speaking to the matter following a press conference announcing the agenda of the party’s upcoming convention, Halkitis noted that the debt, which the party’s leadership has been tackling over the past two years, does not impede their ability to move forward with their initiatives and conventions.

“It’s two different things,” he explained.

“You have election and expenses related to election and hangover and the party has been addressing that and gradually dwindling that down.

“That’s between the leadership and the treasury and they’ve been, over the past two years, addressing that.”

He noted that the party’s convention is largely self-funding.

“We’ve had conventions where we’ve actually come out with a surplus, where we’ve actually made money and then we’ve had some where we’ve broken even,” Halkitis continued.

“So, we don’t expect that this convention would put the party in any significantly more debt.

“We are hopeful that we can come out of the convention having the convention pay for itself.

“The matter of election expenses, that’s a matter being dealt with, with the creditors of the party and the leadership of the party.”

The PLP won only four of the 39 seats in the House of Assembly in the May 2017 general election.

A post-election report commissioned by the leadership of the party pointed to “Christie fatigue”, the failure to address “wrongdoings” of Cabinet ministers, persistent perceptions of corruption, the constitutional and gaming referenda, the handling of the Rubis oil spill, “unnecessary” spending on carnival and poor response in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew as key reasons for the defeat.

The party will hold its National General Convention July 25-27, under the theme, “Renewal: A Call to Action”.

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