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PLP  working on 10-year plan

The leadership of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) will put forth a 10-year plan to map out the party’s trajectory, said PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell yesterday.

Mitchell made the announcement during a press conference to announce the party’s upcoming convention.

“In the coming months, PLPs will be asked to approve a 10-year plan for the PLP,” Mitchell told supporters at the party’s headquarters.

“This will include the platform of the party in the next general election.

“That committee has begun its preliminary work under the leadership of Deputy Leader Chester Cooper.”

Mitchell noted that the plan will include a commitment that each constituency branch will have a fixed headquarters owned by the party to hold its meetings and a commitment to construct a new national headquarters building and convention center, among other plans.

The party will hold its National General Convention July 25-27 under the theme, “Renewal: A Call to Action”.

Nominations for all of the party’s vacant offices will take place on Thursday and the elections will be held Friday.

Party delegates will be able to participate in panel discussions on various topics and they will also seek to ratify amendments to the party’s constitution.

The PLP held a one-day special convention on July 28 last year to focus on significant changes to its constitution.

The new constitution is expected to make the party more democratic and more flexible in the management and political operation of the various constituencies, and will open the PLP to be more inviting to young people and women by affording them guaranteed representation on all of the party’s standing committees and commissions.

“Last year, the convention agreed to adopt a new constitution, which will come into force, I think, once the approval is one year hence,” Mitchell explained yesterday.

“The convention said at that time that it wanted some additional amendments to be made and the matter was referred to the constitutional committee.

“Those amendments were made by the constitutional committee and have been processed through the leadership council and through the NGC and those are now going to the convention for its further consideration. The expectation is that they will be ratified.”

Asked how the party’s 10-year plan and its new constitution will work hand-in-hand, Mitchell said, “What we are trying to do is to make sure the PLP is consonant and lines up with the demographics of the country, so that when the Progressive Liberal Party presents itself to the country at the next general election there will be a range of persons of all demographics, of all age groups, mixes, ideologies, that come under the PLP umbrella, that reflect the true cross section of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

As he pushed the Philip Brave Davis, Chester Cooper, Robyn Lynes and Mitchell team for the party’s leadership, Mitchell urged supporters to vote for the team that has proven itself thus far.

“Following the general election, we were down to four seats and a 37 percent share of the electorate in 2017,” he said.

“Under the present team, within one year of the election, the public surveyed showed that 70 percent, give or take, of those surveyed, disapproved of the FNM.

“Our polls reveal that we are now ahead of the FNM.

“However, there are too many, the polls reveal, for whom the jury is still out.

“We are working on winning back those souls.”

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