Monday, Dec 9, 2019
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Storm won’t pose threat to Bahamas

The National Hurricane Center has warned that an area of low pressure near Andros has a 60 percent chance of developing into a tropical depression.  However, Chief Meteorologist Basil Dean said the system isn’t likely to pose a “major threat” to The Bahamas.

“Only a slight increase in the organization of this system could result in the formation of a tropical depression later today or tonight,” a National Hurricane Center statement said.

Dean said because the system is currently in The Bahamas, if it does strengthen, “it will be moving away”.

“We are looking for the broad area of showers and thunderstorms that we are experiencing to begin moving away from us on Wednesday,” Dean said.

According to Dean, by that time, the weather system should be well to the west or northwest of The Bahamas.

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