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Hairdresser faces upgraded charges in child snatching cases  

The woman accused of abducting four young boys faces a possible 10-year prison sentence now that prosecutors have upgraded the charges against her.

De’Edra Gibson, 29, was in April charged with four counts of abduction of an unmarried person — an offense that carries a maximum prison sentence of two years — in relation to the takings of a three-year-old boy, who was riding his bicycle on February 16, and three eight-year-olds on March 6, March 7 and March 29.

Gibson is now facing four counts of child stealing.

The older boys were allegedly lured into Gibson’s car and later dropped off at the entrance to the New Providence city dump.

Gibson, who is wearing an ankle monitor as a condition of her $20,000 bail, appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney on Wednesday to receive a voluntary bill of indictment, which fast-tracked the cases to the Supreme Court for trial.

She next appears before Justice Bernard Turner on August 16 for arraignment.

On the advice of her lawyer Howard Thompson, Gibson, a hairdresser, elected to be tried in the Supreme Court, after a psychiatrist deemed her fit to plead when she appeared before McKinney on the abduction charges in May. Because of her selection of trial venue, Gibson was not required to enter pleas.

Gibson had been remanded to Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre for an evaluation after Thompson said she had a history of mental illness.

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