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Chamber CEO: Resort owner just ‘frustrated’ on ease of doing business

Despite the tactic used by the owner of Compass Point resort to vent his frustration with the government, at some point someone will have to answer to his concerns, Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation (BCCEC) Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Beckles told Guardian Business on Sunday.

Owner of Compass Point Leigh Rodney recently placed a full-page ad in The Tribune lambasting the government for not significantly improving the ease of business in the country and for not heeding his call for the development of a council to deal with certain ease of doing business issues.

“At the essence of the issue, he is frustrated,” Beckles said.

 “Many of us are saying the same thing.”

Following the placement of the ad, Rodney was praised by some for speaking out on the issue, but chided by others for his tactic, and for publicly threatening that if the government does not meet his requirements before the next election, he will close Compass Point, putting 60 people out of work.

But Beckles said venting his frustrations through the ad was simply a tactic.

He added that the public and private sectors have to find a way to lower the level of frustration and anger associated with the ease of doing business in the country.

Beckles said one of the things that needs to be put in place is a way to measure the country’s progress as it works to improve its ease of doing business.

The country’s ease of doing business score sits at 118 on a World Bank listing.

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