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The Pointe’s construction, sales targets proceeding on schedule

An artist’s impression of the The Pointe resort.

The Pointe resort is still on target to open in the summer of 2020, Vice President of China Construction America (CCA) South America Gerhard Beukes told Guardian Business yesterday, adding that the project could become a catalyst for more development in downtown Nassau.

Beukes said the construction and sales targets are proceeding on schedule and hotel brand Margaritaville and management company Aimbridge Hospitality are happy with the development.

“They both want to see this as a great success,” said Beukes. “All the feedback, especially on the hospitality industry side, is extremely positive.”

Aimbridge is the United States’ largest hotel management company.

According to Beukes, the condo sales and rental program of One Particular Harbour is on target and has generated exceptional interest.

Moreover, he added that local developers have been eager to find out about The Pointe’s amenities, which they want to tout as complimentary to their own projects in the downtown area. 

“We’re very happy to see this catalyst for change in Nassau because there are a lot of amenities being constructed with this resort,” Beukes said.

“We have been talking to a lot of other property owners downtown who want to leverage off the amenities. If you have a developer that has been sitting on a development or a piece of land for a long time and doesn’t know what to do with it, there is an opportunity for them to tap into residential development or something similar, because there are so many other amenities being created.”

He said The Pointe could be the catalyst for Nassau property owners to begin the development or redevelopment of their properties.

Beukes also said The Pointe is currently putting its senior management structure in place and should begin ramping up hiring in earnest by January or February of 2020.

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