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Mandatory evacuations: in perspective

Dear Editor,

Mandatory evacuations are a bad idea.

Here’s why.

Firstly, I think it is a direct move toward a police state; it invites authoritarian tendencies.

Secondly, let’s put this into perspective. Hurricanes are traumatic. They evoke statements in reactionary ways.

Hurricanes bring people together, yet severely traumatize those closest to ground zero.

Perspective: How many people die each year due to bullet wounds, alcoholism, obesity, sugar, high blood pressure, car accidents in The Bahamas?

All preventable: All. We know that you, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, would like to be able to save all these lives; many thousands yearly.

But, most of us would prefer to live free, on our own, without you dictating our lives.

You could make us stop eating sugar, Kentucky, McDonald’s, Wendy’s. You could ban alcohol in The Bahamas. You could ban guns. You could make sure people drive responsibly, God forbid.

You could ban gambling and save a countless amount of families and children’s futures with the stroke of a pen.

Making us abide by all of your well-intentioned dictates would save thousands more lives than the few we lose in each hurricane.

No, Dr. Minnis, The Bahamas is not ready for a king. If I wish to stay put in my home, that is my choice, not yours.

– Pocupine

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