Monday, Jan 27, 2020
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The way forward

Dear Editor,

Everyone has an opinion and we all should respect each other’s opinion and listen. Because I don’t agree with you it doesn’t make me dumb, racist, or an idiot. It just means I don’t agree with your point of view.

For me there are several things the government should immediately do.

1) Demolish all shantytowns.

2) Regularize Haitian immigrants born in the country with residency status and passports.

3) Return all Haitians who were not born in Nassau who have no status, to Haiti. Yes, separate families.

4) Put in law, businesses hiring persons and not paying the minimum wage will be fined $500,000 per person.

5) Have mandatory Bahamian history courses for those Haitians given residency.

We must focus on assimilating these Haitian Bahamians into our society. They know nothing about Haiti but The Bahamas, their home, shows them no love.

– Concerned Bahamian

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