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GB Christian Council receives help from GBPA on hurricane relief

Religious and community leaders on Grand Bahama praised the helping hand received from the Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited (GBPA).

Pastor Robert Lockhart, president of the Grand Bahama Christian Council, confirmed that the organization has access to warehouse and storage facilities. Lockhart said, “We are hurting and healing as we cope with the impact of Hurricane Dorian throughout the island of Grand Bahama. At this time, we remain better positioned to support our brothers and sisters in need.” He added, “Through our positive relationship with the Grand Bahama Port Authority, they have given us access to a warehouse space that allows us to receive, sort and then distribute much-needed items to our community.”

Following his installation as the organization’s president in 2018, Lockhart pledged to strengthen ties with GBPA. He acknowledged, “We remain steadfast on our spiritual journey through prayer. We also give God thanks for hearing our pleas and revealing partners willing to heed the call to help others.”

Ian Rolle, GBPA president, noted, “As we rebuild the island of Grand Bahama, we recognize the importance of supporting organizations doing the same thing. Our outreach to the Grand Bahama Christian Council better positions them to provide help and hope to those in need and for us this is another example of doing our part to improve the quality of life for Grand Bahama residents.”

Rolle added, “The road before us will require supporting community partners with access to essential tools and resources and we are pleased to assist the Grand Bahama Christian Council.”

Pastor Lockhart acknowledges that attending to the spiritual needs of individuals is vital following the passage of Hurricane Dorian. He said, “We know that there is nothing too hard for God to mend, heal and restore. Our commitment is to still praise God for His blessings while we work unceasingly to rebuild our nation.” He concluded, “We will work and await God’s blessings to be revealed as this storm passes over.”

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