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Commonwealth secretary general ‘heartbroken’ by devastation on Abaco

Secretary General of the Commonwealth Patricia Scotland, who visited Abaco over the weekend, said yesterday that she was heartbroken by the devastation and assured that the images from the trip will be displayed at several upcoming high profile meetings to encourage action.

“I’m glad that I had this opportunity to see for myself what others have described to me, because it means we have to work even more urgently,” she said.

Scotland highlighted efforts by the Commonwealth to help countries affected by climate-related disasters, including improving access to climate financing through the establishment of the Climate Finance Access Hub.

“We’ve got the Climate Finance Access Hub,” she said.

“We’ve got Common Earth, which is our regenerative development. We are looking at the innovation systems, all of which we hope will help to make a difference, but I am humbled by what I saw, and I will take these images with me to all the international meetings.”

Scotland also weighed in on the relationship between climate change and migration, noting it is one that is faced by countries all over the world.

“This is a global challenge, and one of the issues which has been really important for us to consider is how climate change is making more climate refugees and trying to deal with that country by country,” she said.

“By being able to create sustainability within each state, you enable people to stay home. This is a global problem.”

The secretary general will leave today after a series of meetings to assess the damage on Grand Bahama.

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