Sunday, Jan 19, 2020
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Ownership dispute over property in Love Estates

A developer has applied to set aside an interim injunction obtained by the Hug Ministry preventing the sale of property in Love Estates, pending the resolution of an ownership dispute.

The injunction was granted on September 16 after the Hug Ministry alleged that Rolling Hills Development Corporation Limited and Christopher Lleida held fraudulent title to more than 20 acres of the property.

Attorney Lucia Broughton, who appears for the defendants, appeared before Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson on Monday to have the injunction lifted because her clients had pending sales.

On the other hand, the attorney for the plaintiffs, Sonia Timothy, asked for the injunction to remain in place until the title dispute has been settled.

Timothy argued that the plaintiff had a “very strong case of fraud” based on the conclusion of forensic document examiner Thomas Vastrick, who examined the conveyance.

Timothy submitted, “Following the trial of this issue, should this honorable court find that the conveyance is fraudulent, the title of the defendant is defective. Moreover, the Defendant would not be the owners of Love Estates. To discharge the injunction, and maintain the status quo, would be to permit the defendants to further dispose of property that they do not own.”

Thompson will give her ruling today.

Artesia Davis

Senior Reporter at The Nassau Guardian
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