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Former policeman fighting extradition order

A former policeman wanted in the United States for assault and battery charges has sought leave to appeal his order for extradition to the Privy Council.

Nyahuma Anthony Bastian, 44, was arrested on charges of burglary, sexual assault, aggravated assault and causing harm to his former girlfriend in April 2001, while they were both university students.

Bastian was granted $50,000 bail and appeared for pre-trial hearings until November 2001.

An arrest warrant was issued for his arrest on April 9, 2002.

By the time the U.S. Sheriff’s Office found him in The Bahamas in 2008, Bastian was a corporal in the police force and steps were made to extradite him.

Bastian was not picked up on the extradition request until 2010.

Bastian lost an appeal against his order for extradition in August.

His lawyer, Murrio Ducille, appeared in the Court of Appeal seeking leave to challenge their decision to the Privy Council, the country’s final court.

Deputy DPP Neil Brathwaite opposed the application and the court has reserved its decision.

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