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East Judo Club competes at Dallas Invitational Judo Championships

The 54th Annual Dallas Invitational Judo Championships saw the Aquamarine, Black and Gold acknowledged. The competition was held at the Irving Convention Center, Irving, Texas on Saturday, November 23.

Competing for Eastwood Judo Club were Sara Thompson, Keilesha Saunders, Xavion Johnson and Keith Saunders Jr.

Keilesha Saunders was scheduled to compete in the 27-31 kilogram (kg) category but was required to compete, due to tournament changes, in the 32-36 kg category. She opted to accept the challenge to compete in the novice age 11/12 32-38 kg category, where she won gold and bronze medals respectively.

Thompson fought in the invitational and the ‘President’s Cup’ and finished with a win.

Keith Saunders Jr., who fought his way out of his weight category (32-36 kg), was afforded the opportunity to compete in only one category, 35-41 kg and exhibited great Judo form and skills with distinction. Thereafter the spotlight, fans and supporters placed their attention on Johnson who took control of the mats in the 44 kg and 48 kg categories and won a gold medal convincingly and a silver medal respectively. The matches stretched the nail-biting match time on the clocks to a record time, to the entertainment of the packed competition arena.

Adding to his success at the invitational competition, Johnson extended his judo prowess into the prestigious ‘Presidents’ Cup’ competition and made gold the order of the day for his victory medal.

Sensei Mickey Munnings and the Eastwood Judo Club were lauded as an outstanding Bahamian team and are now focused on training and competition for the 2020 judo season.

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