Friday, May 29, 2020
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False stories

Dear Editor,

Over the past three weeks, a number of fabricated stories have been circulating on various social media platforms about me and using my likeness through photographs and my name stating that I am promoting a bitcoin investment, had co-authored a book titled “United We Stand” and making scandalous allegations.

I have not authorized these publications and the contents contained therein. These stories are completely false. I have not given any of these entities permission to use my likeness or name at any point. I have not authorized anyone to give such permission. I did not benefit in any way or endorse these schemes.

I have filed a complaint with the Royal Bahamas Police Force relating to these matters and an investigation is underway.

I appeal to everyone to please refrain from circulating these false stories, or investing in these fraudulent schemes.

Alfred Sears, QC, former Cabinet minister

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