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Some on New Providence report feeling aftershock of 7.7 earthquake


While residents in the capital reported experiencing tremors following a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Caribbean Sea, a local forecaster said Bahamians have nothing to worry about.

Forecaster Kaylinda Ward-Forbes said the center of the earthquake was southwest of Cuba, northwest of Jamaica and south of the Cayman Islands.

“There has been warnings for possible tsunami waves to hit the southern coast of Cuba and northern coast of Jamaica,” she told The Nassau Guardian.

‘There has not been any indication that any of those waves would impact any island of The Bahamas right now. The earthquake occurred at 2:10 p.m. and there is no possible threat of any type of tsunami wave affecting any islands in The Bahamas.

“We have been getting calls since it occurred from persons in the capital saying they felt shaking… But we’re pretty much in the clear. We have nothing to worry about.”

Shortly after 2 p.m. residents reported experiencing tremors. Staff at Colina’s East Bay Street building left for a short time after they experienced tremors.

Some in the downtown area also reported experiencing tremors.

Cheryse Bain, who works on Bay Street, said she was working quietly at her desk when her cubicle started shaking.

“I was sitting at my desk when my chair started shaking,” she said. “When I looked at my desk, it was shaking as well. One of my co-workers got his bag and left the building. Others started Googling to find out if there was an earthquake.

“It felt like what I’d expect an aftershock to feel like. It lasted a few seconds, then about 10 minutes later, my desk started shaking again.”

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