Thursday, Jul 2, 2020
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Time to stop the mass hysteria 

Dear Editor,

An entire country has been quarantined in the form of lockdown. This is madness.

If you test someone and they have a disease or if they are from another country or area that has an outbreak of a contagious disease, then quarantine is justified.

Testing everyone and isolating those with the novel coronavirus would be much cheaper, efficient and effective than national lockdown and curfew.

Studies show that countries that did very little lockdown, if any, had fewer deaths per million than those with draconian lockdown. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York said 66 percent of new cases were people who stayed at home. They did not take public transport or do any large gathering.

Social distancing is a 2020 experiment that has gone horribly wrong. Countless will lose their jobs and many currently lack enough food for daily sustenance because of lockdown, curfew and social distancing. 

The UN World Food Program estimates that 265 million people will suffer shortage of food due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

I don’t see us living like this indefinitely.

Business won’t be able to survive with a small crowd.

Teaching will be less effective without social nearness.

These curfews and lockdowns are mass hysteria and do not work.

The empirical data supports that this lockdown does more harm than good. Are we going to continue to cower irrationally?

Brian E. Plummer

Paloma Cartwright pr
Thank you, dedicated