Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020
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Longtime Sister Sister Breast Cancer Support Group President Andrea Sweeting said while the COVID-19 global health pandemic has forced them to discontinue their tea service, people are still being diagnosed and still need the support of the group’s membership. She said the members are there for them. SISTER SISTER BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP

Sister Sister still available to assist anyone that needs them

For two years the “sisters” have been offering tea service to patients receiving treatment at the oncology department at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). Their premise is simple – sipping a perfectly brewed cup of tea can be the most comforting experience. Then there’s the

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Appeal to fear

Current COVID-19 statistical trends suggest that the country’s outbreak of the disease has been contained. A leveling off of cases has now opened the door to reopening the domestic economy. New infections have not led to an increase in hospitalizations and existing infections have not resulted in

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