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D. Paul Reilly dies at 87

Dr. D. Paul Reilly, a well-known author, broadcaster, columnist and training consultant, died on his 87th birthday yesterday, his family said.

He had recently been admitted to hospital.

Reilly, who was born in Dublin, Ireland, had been in The Bahamas for almost 60 years.

He was a specialist in the field of human resources development and behavior modification.

Reilly authored several books including “Success is Simple”, “The Science of Selling” and “Time to Think, Volume I”.

He was also the author, narrator and producer of “Time to Think”, a daily program for radio. His TV series “Broaden Your Horizons” has aired on PBS in the United States and several networks worldwide.

Over the years, Reilly was associated with many world leaders in the field of human resources development, motivation and personal development, and worked with such internationally recognized experts as Earl Nightingale and Dr. Maxwell Maltz.

Reilly was a Ph.D., held a doctorate in metaphysical science and was a divine science fellow.

He held ministerial status with the National Metaphysics Institute and was also a certified metaphysical practitioner.

Reilly was an articulate, creative, intelligent, sensitive and sincere writer and lecturer who was dedicated to motivating people to develop their full potential, reach their goals and find their individual success.

He also had a social media presence, sharing his nuggets of wisdom and inspirational quotes with followers.

On October 29, 2019, he posted on his Facebook page, “We don’t pass away, we pass on to the next phase of our eternal life! Think about it!”

Reilly is survived by his daughters Siobhan and Nicole Reilly, grandson Nicholas Reilly and granddaughter Amber Pinder. He also had four children from a previous marriage in the United Kingdom.

Siobhan Reilly said her father had been looking forward to his birthday.

She added, “Daddy was my and my sister’s rock and our inspiration. He stood in the gap when our mother died 12 years ago from cancer. He was just the best. He will be sorely missed.”

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