$28.7 million paid out in NIB unemployment benefits to date

The National Insurance Board (NIB) has paid out more than $28 million in unemployment benefits to 26,000 people to date, according to a statement released by NIB yesterday, that also explained that thousands more claims were recently received.

NIB added in its statement that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced the board to stretch its operations and processes over the country’s shutdown period as it deals with “the unprecedented level of unemployment applications, while addressing ongoing claims for other benefits, such as maternity and sickness”.

NIB also noted in its statement that recently received forms for the unemployment benefit will go through an expedited process.

“NIB has also been granted approval to pay claims where there is a reasonable expectation that the claimants would meet the necessary eligibility requirement,” the statement pointed out.

“NIB will utilize digital payments (i.e. direct bank deposit or digital vouchers) to facilitate quick payment to claimants.

“Given the new streamlined approach and innovations to its payment processes towards digital solutions, NIB anticipates concluding the remaining claims in the shortest possible time in a safe and efficient manner.”

NIB revealed that as of Friday, COVID-19-related unemployment payouts went to 26,185 people, for a total value of $28.7 million.

NIB noted in its statement that claims continue to lack certain types of information to carry out claims payouts.

“There are some claims for which recent contribution information is not available and further follow up with the employer is necessary before claims can proceed,” the statement point out.

“Employers are again urged to supply the necessary C10 forms using NIB’s official MS Excel format to support the claims. The MS Excel file format, found on NIB’s website, allows for easy uploading of contribution information to the insurance administration system.”

NIB stated it has also paid out $6.2 million for the Government Unemployment Assistance (UEA) Program to 6,105 recipients, adding it has seen a reduction in requests for this particular assistance.

“NIB notes the considerable slowdown in applications for this program over the last few weeks,” the statement noted.

“As the economy reopens, self-employed recipients are urged to notify NIB of their return to work.”

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