53-year-old charged with gun and drug possession

A magistrate denied bail on Monday to a 53-year-old man facing gun and drug charges after police searched his home.

Patrick Peterson appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes and was charged with two counts of possession of marijuana with intent to supply, possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of ammunition with intent to supply and possession of a component part of a firearm.

Prosecutors allege that police stopped and searched Peterson at Commonwealth Boulevard in Elizabeth Estates on August 21 and found an ounce of marijuana in his pants.

After making that alleged discovery, the officers searched his home at Malaysia Way. While there, the officers allegedly found a 9mm pistol, with its serial number erased, 75 rounds of unfired ammunition, a 9mm magazine and 2.6 pounds of marijuana.

Peterson’s trial is set to begin on November 17.

He will remain in custody unless his lawyer, Krysta Mason-Smith, gets him bail in the Supreme Court.

Intent to supply

Appearing in the same court was 24-year-old Adrien Hall, who admitted to having five ounces of marijuana with the intent to supply.

The court heard how Hall showed police where the drugs were hidden after they broke down the door to his home in Gamble Heights on August 20.

The officers, who were armed with a search warrant, forced their way inside after no one opened the door when they announced their presence, the court heard.

Once inside, Hall took police to his bedroom and showed them a pouch that was hidden in the ceiling in his closet.

The pouch contained the drugs and $547.

His lawyer, Jomo Campbell, said that Hall had no previous convictions or pending matters. He said that Hall was sorry about causing the arrests of other occupants of the home.

Forbes fined Hall $700 or two months in prison. He also seized the $547 as the proceeds of crime.

Additionally, Keno Janvier paid a $1,200 fine to avoid three months in prison after he admitted to having one pound of marijuana with intent to supply.

Police found the drugs inside Janvier’s home at Quarry Mission Road on August 21.

In addition to the drugs, officers found Janvier with $790. The magistrate forfeited that money to the Crown.

As a result of Janvier’s guilty plea, the prosecution withdrew charges against his co-accused Wilson Capita and Gene Saunders.

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