$70K Tomlinson Endowment fund to benefit Bahamians at Canadian boarding school

Bahamian students enrolled at Trinity College School (TCS), Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, are able to benefit from a $70,000 endowment fund established by the Tomlinson family. Any Bahamian student who applies to TCS is eligible to receive funds, if they make a request.

Donnie Tomlinson, a trustee of TCS, spoke about the endowment set up by the Tomlinson family in 2003, during a social held earlier this month for local TCS alumni and executives, as Dave Rahaman, an alumnus of TCS, hosted the school’s headmaster, Stuart K.C. Grainger, and local alumni of the Canadian boarding school at Travellers West at a social.

Grainger anticipates 10 to 12 students from The Bahamas to be enrolled in TCS next year; and they are all eligible to take advantage of the bursary assistance.

“Fifty percent of the boarders who go to a Canadian boarding school from the Caribbean go to Trinity College School,” said Grainger. “We have $70,000 dedicated to Bahamian students.”

Endowments are a legacy opportunity for families and friends to honor a loved one in perpetuity. Endowments increase in value over time, creating a legacy. Gifts or pledges in the $50,000 to $850,000-plus range are required to create a named scholarship or bursary, such as the Tomlinson Endowment, in order to provide meaningful financial assistance each year.

The Tomlinson family started a TCS endowment fund in 2003.

The alumni group was encouraged to visit and to discover the school’s expansion and upgrades – five gymnasiums, a commissary and a newly renovated library with a dedicated academic assistance program.

TCS has also been named the greenest school in Canada by the Canada Green Building Council and the Canada Coalition for Green Schools.

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