A bit of advice for new FNM boss 

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your column to express my views on the recent comments of Opposition Leader Michael Pintard, in reference to the present COVID surge and the Progressive Liberal Party’s management of it or lack thereof and the former Minnis administration’s policies.

Now, now, Pintard be very careful, old friend. You are skating on thin ice. I understand you have a new role as leader and establishing your own identity and independence are of vital importance, but there are some fundamental positions taken by the previous government that you can never disassociate from if you want to remain credible.

One such position is the life-saving measures implemented by the Minnis administration. To suggest they were draconian anti-COVID measures, I think is in poor taste and unwise.

The simple rebuttal to this is, if this was your view how could you remain in the Cabinet? Would not it have been a moral obligation for you to resign? I think so. Having failed to do so then, if in fact this was your view then it is now incumbent on you to remain silent on the issue. I think it would be fair to say most Bahamians do not share your view here!

Let me put this matter into perspective: The Minnis administration imposed lockdown measures in the early days of COVID-19 when there were no vaccines available anywhere in the world.

Those lockdowns came as America, Europe, Canada and the rest of the world were all doing the same as the world gathered to devise a strategy to combat this new virus and to plan the way forward.

Lockdowns came several times after when we had surges or outbreaks in specific areas or islands all to protect the people when there was no other option. You remained in the Cabinet throughout the entire time and even after these live-saving measures were implemented.

When the vaccine was introduced, most if not all of the COVID-19 protocols implemented by the Minnis administration were relaxed, as the population began being vaccinated.

A state of emergency remained in place as the situation was being monitored not just by the government but also by the Health Advisory Committee with a view to end the emergency order November 13, 2021. Ending the emergency order would be based on our continued progress with declining cases and vaccinations.

We did extremely well, so well that after the general election the new government was able to on November 13, 2021 take over a seamless process and end the emergency order.

So if I may give the new FNM boss Pintard a bit of advice, it would be, to be very careful what you say because believe it or not people are listening and they are paying attention, most of whom I think want to give you a fair chance. But if you should continue to put your foot in your mouth with these kinds of comments, I think you may have an uphill battle with winning people over to your side.

I said it before, Dr. Minnis’ worst critics give him thumbs up for handling the pandemic, which means you included Pintard, because you were and remained a member of his Cabinet.

So, old friend, leave well enough alone! And save the fight for the fight!

As always a word to the wise I think is sufficient!

The Councilman

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