A black and white decade-ending celebration

“Blackout 2019: The Black and White Edition” was more than just a party. It was an end-of-a-decade celebration, and nothing short of spectacular. In fact, it exceeded organizers’ expectations as K.O. Productions and BTC decided to do things just a little differently this year, stepping away from the normal all-black theme and introducing white into the mix.

The addition of a Dusse table lounge area with the Luc Belaire all-white room, in which ‘90s music was the order of the night, allowed patrons to party together, but at their own pace.

Patrons in the Dusse/Luc Belaire venue were escorted from the main entrance to the all-black decked-out entrance for the Dusee table lounge to their personalized table which included a bottle of choice; patrons not reserving a table had access to the Luc Belaire all-white room which was adorned with crystals for a chic vibe.

International disc jockey Willy Chin, a Jamaican DJ from Miami, celebrated his birthday at “Blackout” this year and rocked the crowd from start to finish; while Prince Chiillz out of New York hosted the main stage with the “fire” that he always brings.

“The crowd couldn’t believe the amazing show they were getting at such an affordable cost,” said Jayde Knowles, K.O. Productions public relations officer. “Their expectation from this year’s event was definitely met and exceeded in most cases. Patrons were in awe from they entered as the event was decorated from entrance straight to the stage… The decor, the lights, the food and of course the bar filled with Jack Daniels, Dusse and Luc Belaire products kept the event at an ultimate sky-high experience. The night itself was simply unbelievably intensified with good vibes in all areas.”

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