A cry for help from flood-prone Coral Lakes

(An open letter to Vaughn Miller, MP)

Dear Minister,

This open correspondence is to request your action in rectifying the flooding within the Coral Lakes Subdivision.

This call for your assistance is being made in your capacity as member of Parliament for Golden Isles and as minister of the environment.

This call is also being made on the eve of the 2022 hurricane season and the start of the rainy season. It is anticipated that you will treat this request with extreme urgency given the economic impact flooding has on property value and the potential for damage to vehicles.

Firstly, given the torrential rain experienced on Friday night and Sunday, note that the current level of flooding has never been seen within the area during my 10 years of residing in the Coral Lakes Subdivision; not even during the passage of Hurricane Matthew (Category 3).

Thorough investigation today clearly shows that the source of this unprecedented flooding is due to the very recent clearing and excavation of debris from a vacant lot, for which no construction is underway.

This simple act of property clearance and the removal of the natural barrier to Coral Harbour Lake/Corry Sound is the resulting effect of the lake flowing freely into the many streets and creating the flooding.

Sir, do note that this water level will only get low due to evaporation as there is no natural run-off to another source.

It is hoped that you will find it useful to assist as expected in your dual public roles by replacing a barrier to the lake’s water, even if via a few loads of recyclable fill at the fence/boundary to the very recently cleared vacant lot, which is an area that is approximately 48 feet.

As this cleared property is adjacent to myself and your parliamentary colleague, my friend and neighbor, Bacchus Rolle, feel free to contact Mr. Rolle who no doubt will happily show the fence/property which is the source of Coral Lakes Subdivision flooding.

Secondly, pre-general election 2021, many of the roads within the Coral Lakes Subdivision were paved.

However, the contractor, when asked on several occasions, advised that the drainage on Coral Lake Avenue and Tee Road were not included in the scope of work.

The contractor advised that the drainage was the responsibility of the Ministry of Works.

Now, since this paving, the amount of rain and time the rain settles before evaporating has increased exponentially.

It is hoped that you will simultaneously request that your colleagues in the Ministry of Works (Minister Alfred Sears or Parliamentary Secretary Bacchus Rolle) will direct the technocrats to assist in rectifying this longstanding drainage issue.

It is hoped that your efforts will result in providing the actionable relief needed by the residents and visitors to the Coral Lakes Subdivision.

Humbly yours,

Anthony Musgrove

Resident of Coral Lakes

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