A gentle you, gentle me, gentle we

Dear Editor,

A dawning of a new era has surmounted the global canvas with an infectious anomaly that reshapes our social order and realigns the pulse of the human fabric. The answers to centuries of questions that define our diversities have been pigeonholed into a unanimous visionary – survival! The virtues of individuality, although with merit, stand in the flanks of humanity now as the calling of a webbed social credo of unification takes center stage.

A “call-to-arms” is in order, putting health before self and survival before wealth. Sharing a first in history, our connecting bridges of life have prompted a woven law on a social loom order implicating the induction of biblical intent – taking care of thy neighbor! The world, in its entirety, has befallen into an abyss of malice and only a remedy of gentle caring, in its genuine form, will withstand its destruction. For once, the color or creed of a person is not the pursuit that defines segregation, but the mere embrace of a humanistic driver of safety and health for all, which garnishes a social standing ovation.

A gentle weaning off of the social norms has been the cloak attire for many, as our lives adjust to new norms. The stimulus of a new allegiance warrants as apropos for us to grab hold to the true meaning of gentleness, love and caring for another. Kindness breaks through barriers and together with a cohesive mindset of affection and diligence to cease the spread of separatism and promote a gentle heart intent, we will exist in a world with harmony as its centerfold.

Today our individual passions and moral intent are the bullet points of a more diffused agenda on our mental Rolodex. Being meticulous with a gentle approach to caring for self and others, is now a global procedural order, where the ultimate outcome of a better world to live in, could be a cross-boundary reality. As you care for me, I care for another and ultimately, we are all taken care of!


– Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

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