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Video editor leaves the media and rediscovers her passion for the church

One year ago, Rayandra Nairn, 32, a video editor at The Nassau Guardian, quit her job to pursue something she was more passionate about.

Nairn, who said she believed that God was calling her to capture video for a different audience, returned to her church, Legacy Church Global, as director of media.

Now, her role has expanded to include youth leader.

“So, I think it was like a continuation of what started years ago,” Nairn said when asked why she decided to leave The Guardian.

“I was involved in the church before I was at The Guardian. When I left, I felt like I was walking into my season. So, I left mainstream media to pretty much do the same thing, but just in my church.”

Nairn, a caretaker by nature, said her job allows her to do more of what she loves, minister to the youth and continue to capture stories.

“I don’t regret leaving at all,” she said. “I was picking up where I left off. It is more fulfilling because I’ve never been big on politics. In my new role, I get to focus on the media, but on youth development and helping them to discover their purpose.

“I know that when I really got into camera work, it helped me to discover my purpose. So, to be able to pay that forward and help my team overcome their challenges and discover what path they want to follow, means a lot.

“We talk about everything, from school to the challenges they face and tie all of that in with the camera.”

Nairn said she became a Christian in 2009, at the age of 19.

While she said she has worked to honor God in the ensuing years, she rediscovered her passion for the church when she left The Guardian.

“I just had a gut feeling,” she said. “I’m one who is very heavy on discernment. It is one of my life lines and the reason for that is because every major decision I make is based on that gut feeling that I had.”

She said once that gut feeling started to intensify, she reached out to her pastor and mentor, Apostle Rosmery Peña about returning to the church.

“It was the feeling you get when you know that you know that you know,” Nairn added.

Nairn said when she revealed her desire to return to the church to Apostle Peña, she felt like the prodigal son who returned home.

“I remember talking to her, and that was one of the moments when the scripture came to life for me,” Nairn continued.

“The same way the father embraced the son, is the same way she embraced me. She was loving. She was accepting and there was no condemnation.”

Nairn said she meets with the youth in the church once a week and with her media team once per month,

“We just hash out things, talk about what we need to work on, how they are developing and growing and do bible study.”

While she receives continued training on a monthly basis at Legacy Church Global, Nairn has taken her biblical studies to the next level.

Earlier this year she enrolled in Lancaster Bible College to study biblical studies. She hopes to obtain a bachelor’s degree, with a minor in media.

“I was interested in Bible college in my early 20’s, but talked myself out of it,” she said. “So, nearly 10 years later when I found myself back in the ministry somewhat full time, I decided to be obedient and surrender to the call. The opportunity presented itself and I took it.”

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Krystel Brown

Krystel covers breaking news for The Nassau Guardian. Krystel also manages The Guardian’s social media pages. She joined The Nassau Guardian in 2007 as a staff reporter, covering national news. She was promoted to online editor in May 2017. Education: Benedict College, BA in Mass Communications

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