A matter of principle

Dear Editor

“Take care of the principle and the details will take care of themselves.”

It’s not a matter of money. It’s not a matter of the environment. The discussion about the Royal Caribbean International (RCI) Paradise Beach Club revolves around a matter of principle.

Unfortunately, our various governments have become so accustomed to making decisions based on weighing the political pros and cons and protecting their positions, that principles have disappeared as a basis for decision-making.

The RCI deal was never acceptable.

It violated the principle under which the cruise line is in the country in the first place.

The only reason we spend fortunes trying to make the destination attractive to cruise ships is because they commit to bringing us customers for Bahamian businesses.

To invite them to bring their customers to their own shop (as they already do on so-called private islands) is a contradiction of the highest order.

Offering to do it at the very center of our sales floor simply adds insult to injury.

Everybody knows it’s wrong, but it appears we must have some “reasonable” excuse to object.

Well, it is wrong to invest in facilities, to invite someone to bring customers to your shop and for that someone to then insist on setting up their own shop in our lobby.

It’s also terrible business.

Pat Rahming

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