A message to young men

Dear Editor,

Blessings, peace, and the grace of God our Father, to you and to our beloved Commonwealth. Please permit me a few lines from my “golden pen”.

Young men, don’t you know how valuable you are to The Bahamas and the world? You are endowed with many gifts and talents that creation waits for you to activate.

Like a giant puzzle, the picture is not complete until you fit your piece in. You are special, unique, a precise tool in the master architect’s hand – The Almighty God Himself.

Pray tell me then why are you wreaking havoc, mayhem in the land? Why are the brothers destroying each other, killing each other, sending each other into eternity unprepared? What a tragedy! Not only are you hurting the victim and their family, you are also hurting your family, The Bahamas and yourself. Don’t be that selfish; be bigger than that.

Brothers need each other. So, support other young men, bear them up where they are weak. I cannot emphasize enough how so, so, so special you are. No one is superior to you (some people may think so, but they are so wrong).

Some people may be wealthier than you, better educated than you, more prominent than you but not better! Think about it. You were made in the image of God Himself – the God who made you. The very characteristics that God has, He conveyed them to you — love, power, wisdom, authority. He made you to thunder in the Earth, noticeable, a lion – bold, fearless, strong, an eagle, keen-sighted soaring above all storms.

These are not just corny words or rhetoric but hardcore truth.

God made you to be the progenitor life giver (not life taker), provider (take care of your children and family). God made you to be the protector of your family. So, God has given you a high position, a place of honor; so don’t let God down by abdicating your responsibility. Be bigger than that.

Make God proud of you by showing Him you can handle it. Marry and have a family which is to the honor and glory of God. Don’t scatter your seed all over the place and take care of the children. God says the man who does not take care of his family is worse than an infidel.

Young men, do not be weak. You are strong when you walk away from trouble, a fight, provocation, insults and teasing. Remember that kind words turneth away wrath. So, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

If you like to fight, let it be productive not destructive. Sign up to box or wrestle. Who knows? The Bahamas may have a world champion in the making or another champion like Elisha Obed, Ray Minus Jr., Tureano Johnson, Gomeo Brennen, Nathaniel Knowles, Steve Larrimore, Kimbo Slice or Sensei Alfred Rolle.

Make the decision now to do the right thing. Don’t indulge in criminality, drugs, robberies, etc. It is not worth it. Visit it at the end.

The final payment is jail, addiction, poverty; god-forbid, even death. Don’t steal from your boss. Let your hard work, good ethics, skills and prayer advance you. Don’t envy others.

What has happened for them could happen for you with God’s help and hard work. Why steal a car when some of you with your mechanical and body work skills can take an old junk of a car and make it a functional thing of beauty?

Remember, God says, “Your gift will make room for you.” Think differently. Renew your mind with the word of God. So, confess those wrongdoings to God. Repent for them. Ask Jesus to cleanse you and pilot your life. Then, the mighty king of the universe will come to you with His timely aid. His succor and help you.

I have two sons (whom I love dearly). The prayer that I pray for them daily I now extend to you my sons of this beloved Bahamas: Mighty God, king of the universe, I bring my sons before you. Be the shield over them. Be a wall of fire around them. Be their rear guard, their battle ax. Cut a trench for them of love, peace, joy, hope, healing, deliverance, provision, and protection. Let no one prevail against them. Guard their soul, heart, mind, spirit, life, body from the devil – the evil one.

Lift the soul from the fires of hell. Take the veil off their eyes that they may see God and serve Him in spirit and in truth. Let every generational curse end with me and not be transferred to them, their children’s children and throughout the generations. Keep these precious jewels in your safe keeping, in Jesus’ name. Amen! Young men of the Bahamas, God bless you! Be encouraged.

Yours sincerely,

Franklyn Bethel

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