A new day 

Dear Editor,

The Bahamian people have spoken and have elected the PLP, led by the incoming prime minister, the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, QC, by a landslide.

This is no time for gloating.

The heavy lifting is now about to begin. Brave will be well-advised to hit the ground running on behalf of a trusting populace. In the weeks and months ahead, he and his administration will have two immediate tasks: to get the pandemic under control as much as humanly possible and to build back our economy better than before. 

A tremendous amount is expected from the new administration and its approach must be deliberate and focused. I am certain that the new prime minister will be inundated by supplicants and others seeking to parlay his known compassion and a heart for people.

He must be careful about who forms his inner circle and closest advisors.

The people of this wonderful nation will never forgive or forget him if he takes an autocratic path.

The masses do not want much. They want, in my view, an equal and level playing field within the economy; access to affordable land throughout the country; a sustainable and workable National Health Initiative; reasonable infrastructure on the more inhabitable islands and the gradual lifting of the emergency orders.

I and my colleagues in COMMON CAUSE & The National Republican Alliance (ARENA) congratulate the incoming prime minister and the entire team elected or re-elected to Parliament.

Special appreciation is due to the Hon. Fred Mitchell, the hard working national chairman of the PLP; Ms. Barbara Cartwright, the efficient secretary-general and all of the other executives at the national headquarters and branches throughout the nation.

Brave has now achieved his lifelong dream of becoming prime minister.

He must never betray the trust reposed in him.

He says that a new day is here and I for one look forward to a glorious future, pardon the pun, for all of you.

I would also like to thank my fellow Bahamians for behaving during the electoral season and the hard working staff at the Parliamentary Registration Department and all of our armed and law enforcement agencies for their professional conduct and behavior.

We did it.

Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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