A refreshing perspective on talk radio 

Dear Editor

I appreciate the space in your newspaper.

Recently Darold Miller left the Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation.

Darold had done a great job over the years and his show was followed by many. There is none better at reporting a fire or election results, among other sensational events.

However, the time had come for him and ZNS to part company. That is between them and I am sure Darold will continue to do well.

I continue to listen to ZNS during that time slot and I am more than pleasantly surprised by Spence Finlayson and “Immediate Response”.

While Darold’s show was highly provocative, I find Spence’s approach, at this time, to be a better balance of things Bahamian, a show focused on Bahamians who have made educational, craft and athletic achievements, yet at the same time appreciating Bahamian history, neighborhoods and families.

Whether we appreciate it or not, this is a dying aspect of our way of life.

I wish Mr. Finlayson well in his new venture and look forward to this refreshing perspective on his talk show.

— Listener

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