A religious view of homosexuality

Dear Editor,

The Bahamas is considered by most Bahamians to be a Christian nation, if not in practice, at least from a cultural standpoint, despite efforts by Bahamian modernists to chip away at the traditional values which have defined this country for decades. Consequently, Bahamian morality and ethics have their antecedent in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

This was the viewpoint of the framers of the constitution in 1973, who wrote in the preamble of this nation “having an abiding respect for Christian values and the rule of law”. LGBTQI members would love nothing more than to erase that particular sentence from our most important legal document. They want The Bahamas to become as rigidly secular as France – a country that decriminalized homosexuality during the French Revolution in 1791 – exactly 200 years before the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration of Sir Lynden O. Pindling decriminalized homosexuality in The Bahamas in 1991.

With the church being so ubiquitous and influential, it is difficult for LGBTQI members to enforce their agenda in the country.

In Greek philosopher Plato’s “Symposium”, the subject of pederasty is discussed matter-of-factly by the characters of the philosophical dialogue. In ancient Greece, there were no categorical concepts of heterosexuality and homosexuality. Both terms were first coined by the 19th century Hungarian human rights activist Karl Maria Kertbeny. In his “Counselling and Homosexuality”, Christian psychologist Dr. Earl D. Wilson stated that the word lesbian means “of the people of Lesbos”, an island in the Aegean Sea. The island was known for the practice of homosexuality by Sappho and her followers.

Before Kertbeny, LGBTIQ members were simply called Sodomites, based on the Old Testament historical account of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19 – an event few questioned before the so-called Age of the Enlightenment in the 18th century. There is no legitimate reason to doubt the historicity of Genesis, especially the historical account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

My confidence in the trustworthiness and reliability of the Book of Genesis has been solidified by Jesus Christ, Who Himself acknowledged the historicity of Adam and Eve in Matthew 19:4-6; and the historicity of Sodom and Gomorrah in Matthew 11:23-24. Notwithstanding the faulty scholarship of John Boswell, the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was homosexuality. In Genesis 19:5, the male denizens surrounded the house of Lot, demanding the whereabouts of the two strangers who were in his home, so that they may “know them”.

LGBTQI apologists argue that inhospitality was the issue, not homosexual sex. However, any Sunday school pupil worth his salt in exegeting Scripture would know that the overwhelming majority of the Old Testament was composed in Hebrew. Consequently, the Hebrew word for “know” in Genesis 19:5 is yada, which means intimate relations. That’s why the New International Version is more blunt in its translation of the verse in question than the King James Version, when it says that the Sodomites wanted to “have sex with” Lot’s visitors.

Moreover, the immediate context reinforces the traditional interpretation of the chapter, when Lot in verse 8 offered his two virgin daughters to the Sodomite mob, stating that the two “have not known man”. Again, the word known simply implies sexual relations, as is the case with Adam and Eve in Genesis 4:1; and with Cain and his wife in Genesis 4:17. The same concept can be seen in Matthew 1:25 regarding Joseph and Mary, albeit in the Greek. Moreover, if the Sodomites were only interested in becoming acquainted with the strangers, why would Lot offer his daughters to the mob to be sexually exploited? Anyone subscribing to the LGBTQI explanation of Genesis 19:5 will inevitably encounter insurmountable obstacles in making sense of Lot’s grisly proposition. Additionally, 2 Peter 2:6-9 and Jude 7 reinforce the traditional understanding of Genesis 19:5. Only a hermeneutical gymnast can get around the obvious meaning of the foregoing Bible passages, which all condemns homosexuality.

To the writer, certain scholars of antiquity are splitting hair by distinguishing between pederasty and homosexuality. In his “A History of Western Philosophy”, Bertrand Russell is at least honest enough in lumping together homosexuality and pederasty. In chapter 12 titled The Influence of Sparta, Russell acknowledged that “homosexual love, both male and female, was a recognized custom in Sparta, and had an acknowledged part in the education of adolescent boys”. There is a field of study in behavioral science called psychoneuroendocrinology, in which biological and chemical reasons are proffered for human behavior.

Even if prenatal hormonalization is an influencing contributor in one’s sexual orientation, this would then point to the far-reaching implications of the Fall in Genesis 3. According to Calvinists, man is totally depraved. This was borne out by a recent Facebook video of two adult males nonchalantly engaging in fellatio on a public beach in Nassau in the presence of stunned Bahamian onlookers, some of whom were children. Not surprisingly, Rights Bahamas and other advocacy groups have not, to my knowledge, openly spoken out against the lewd and indecent action of the two gay culprits. Rights Bahamas and LGBTQI groups are pushing for fundamental rights and privileges enjoyed by heterosexuals for Bahamians who are homosexuals.

What transpired on that Nassau beach in broad daylight may very well be the logical conclusion of the tireless efforts of gay rights groups. Bahamians must pray that our nation does not suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah. God will hold us to a higher moral standard than the ancient Sodomites. We have thousands of churches. We have Bahamas Christian Network in Abaco, as well as morning devotions on ZNS Radio during the weekdays. We have a plethora of religious articles in The Nassau Guardian and The Tribune every Thursday. We have access to the Bible. In fact, each home in The Bahamas probably has one. Sodom and Gomorrah had none of the privileges that we Bahamians are taking for granted. We have no excuse. On the other hand, Sodom had no Bible, to use the words of the late Leonard Ravenhill.

In Matthew 11:23-24, Jesus warned the citizens of Capernaum that their city would be destroyed, because of their rejection of His ministry. Jesus warned that it would be more tolerable on Judgment Day for Sodom than for Capernaum. In 749, an earthquake flattened the city, fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy. If the Lord would do that a city of the Jews, what would He do The Bahamas? Bahamians had better wake up before it’s too late.

– Kevin Evans

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