A ridiculous situation

Dear Editor,

On a recent trip to one of the Family Islands, I had received my ticket from the airline on which I was flying and went to clear security. I handed my ticket and driver’s license to the security officer who, after staring at both for what seemed like 10 seconds, announced that my driver’s license had expired. I said that I was aware of that, but what was the problem. I was informed that you have to have a valid driver’s license or other valid ID in order to pass through security. I informed the lady that I was not driving to North Eleuthera and surely the purpose of providing some form of ID was to enable her to know that the person holding the ticket was the person to whom it was issued. The security person then called her supervisor to confirm her insistence on my having a valid driver’s license. I would like to think that the supervisor supported the position of the officer so as not to embarrass her and for no other reason.

Several persons who I did not know overhead the conversation and came up to the officer and said “this is Mr. Lightbourn” but to no avail as she continued to insist on being provided with a valid ID. To add to this ridiculous situation, she acknowledged that she can see from the driver’s license that I am the person to whom the ticket was issued. If I had had time to spare and didn’t locate my new driver’s license, I think that I would, notwithstanding my calm nature, have had the place for myself.

I am not aware of it being stated anywhere that as a matter of law that it is a requirement of inter-island flights that the passenger is the holder of a valid ID, although if it is, I would like to be referred to it.

I would hate to think that anyone has missed a flight because some overzealous security officer, lacking in common sense, would refuse a passenger access on the basis that whatever form of ID they carried had expired, notwithstanding that it was clear from the ID, which was produced, that the ticket holder was in fact the correct person.

I am wondering whether this way of thinking has arisen as a consequence of the KYC mindset which has overtaken the nation and which is rapidly driving everyone to drink. Nevertheless, be that as it may, it is evident that common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden!

Richard R. H. Lightbourn

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