A view of the Haitian situation in The Bahamas

Dear Editor,

As a JP, I assisted one young lady who was born in The Bahamas to Haitian parents – with a citizenship application.

She was granted Bahamian citizenship in reasonable time. I hear folks (who were born here to foreign parents) say that they have been waiting for years for a reply to their citizenship applications.

I think that a lot of the wait has to do with an incomplete application.

The young women’s brother decided that he will remain Haitian; so he did not apply. The difference between this young man and the Jean Rony Charleses in The Bahamas is that he is highly educated and is now a proud Haitian professional in the U.S.A.

If the Jean Rony Charleses in The Bahamas refused to take advantage of their rights under the law in the prescribed time that’s their problem, and they could find that Haiti will be their destiny.

– Dennis Dames

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