A worrying incident

Dear Editor,

“A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”   Thomas Reid’s “Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man”

It was beyond disheartening to read the police report that was circulating on Whatsapp yesterday, which advised the public of yet another sexual assault on a lone female jogger.

This, to my recollection, is about the third of this type of incident, so far for the year, averaging about one per month (that the public is aware of).

This incident, much like those before, was, coincidentally, not reported as soon as, or even near to when, it occurred. The date on yesterday’s report reads April 6, 2022, one month and six days ago.

The question then arises: why are crimes against women and children not made public in a timely manner, so as to give these victims some sort of a fighting chance to gain justice?

Why aren’t women, who are essential, and quite necessary members of society, who make up more than 50 percent of the electoral vote, and the population, who bring forth life into the world, and who create a perfect harmony among men, offered the same value, respect and security as their fellow countrymen?

What does it say about our nation and community that the chain that should keep us united as one Bahamaland is not as strong as those society considers to be the “weakest” (i.e. women, children, the elderly, the disabled) among us?

Maybe if the narrative changes from “what was she wearing”, and “why was she out there alone so early” to “men, control yourselves” and “men, take care of your counterparts”, this tiny 21×7 can become a safer place for all.

Nasia Colebrooke

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