Abaco business owner reopens after the storm

Nearly three months after the passage of Hurricane Dorian, Mischea Mills, owner of Sheva’s Take Away in Murphy Town, Abaco, managed to reopen her restaurant after relocating to New Providence for less than a month. 

She said she had been professionally cooking since 2005, and was the owner of her own business since 2010. In light of this, she said that finding a job was not an option for her. 

“I had my oldest daughter. She was in [New Providence], and after the hurricane, everything was damaged,” Mills told The Nassau Guardian.

“We had to seek shelter in a church. So, I called my daughter and told her that I have to send the children to her because there isn’t anything here. The house is gone, the shop is damaged, and we’re living in a shelter along with maybe 100 other persons.

“So, we had to do something.”

Mills relocated to New Providence almost immediately after the storm with three of her daughters, her grandchild and her nephew after weathering what she calls an horrific experience.  

The move, she said, was made to find a way to finance the damage caused to both her home and business during Dorian. 

“Well, after the hurricane, there wasn’t anything for me to do, and I’m not the type of person who is going to work for anyone,” Mills said. 

“So, that was the only thing I could’ve done right there and right then – look for some place for me to open in Nassau. 

“I didn’t really have a target amount of money in mind. I really just wanted to do something because at least I would have some form of income. My plan was, as I worked, I’d buy plywood or other supplies and send them on the MailBoat.”

She said coming to New Providence was challenging because she had to start over and build her clientele. 

Prior to Dorian, Mills said that she spent almost $13,000 on three pallets of supplies for her restaurant and school supplies for her children. 

All of which was lost in the superstorm’s torrential rains and monstrous winds. 

After just three weeks on New Providence, Mills and her family moved back to Abaco. 

She said she is still working on rebuilding her home, but she has since created a space for her family near the restaurant. 

Asked what words of encouragement she has for business owners affected by the monster storm, Mills said, “Dorian was just a setback, but we can bounce back. We can get back from there. It’ll take a little while, but we’ll get there. Just trust in God.”

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