Abaco single mother struggling to find work after Dorian

After she and her family almost lost their lives during Hurricane Dorian’s historic landfall on Abaco, Amanda Albury, 40, now faces the daunting task of finding work on New Providence.

The single mother said she lost everything in the monster category five storm a month ago.

She yesterday expressed on Facebook that she is in desperate need of a job to support her family.

“My daughter needs to get in school like today. This is her last year,” she said in the Facebook post.

“She needs uniforms, socks, $125.00 to enroll in school, bag, book, etc. I have applied a few places that was willing to help Abaco people who was displaced by the storm, but still no reply. Please help.”

Albury explained that she followed the process of registering her 16-year-old daughter in a school on New Providence.

She has since been placed at R.M. Bailey Senior High School, leaving Albury to foot the added expenses.

Albury explained that the $125 would cover her daughter’s Physical Education kit, insurance for three years and lab fees.

In an interview with The Nassau Guardian yesterday, Albury said, “This is just her last year. She doesn’t need a three-year insurance plan. She will only be there for couple months basically, just to finish school.”

She added that she has yet to hear from the Department of Social Services with regard to her daughter’s uniforms.

“Basically, she’s just staying here at the house where we are temporarily, hoping that I soon find the money or Social Services calls to help her get back into school,” she said.

“I want her to get in there at least by Monday.”

Albury said back in Abaco, she worked as a cashier at Rubis Gas Station.

Moving forward, she said she hopes to work as an office clerk, and she has applied to a number of places.

She said she and eight of her family members planned to ride out the storm in her Marsh Harbour apartment when they heard a big bang.

When they went to check, Albury said, they realized that the entire roof had lifted.

She said: “It lifted from the bathroom straight back to the bedroom. So, we just grabbed whatever we had and just went outside.”

Albury said she and her family members stayed on her apartment’s front steps for the first half of the storm.

“We were just standing there watching the wind and the water keep rising and rising,” she said.

“The tornado just kept lifting all of the apartments. I think it was like 10 apartment units upstairs. So, basically everything was ripped to pieces.”

Everyone left in that apartment building, she said, was hunched up on the stairway until they decided to swim to safety.

She recalled water being up to their neck as they swam.

After almost losing her daughter, her mother, her nephew, and her own life from Dorian’s powerful sea surges, she said she’s thankful to be alive.

After posting on Facebook, a few individuals have reached out to her, indicating they are willing to help her.

She said she now wants to put this horrific experience behind her and provide for her family.

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