ACP Deleveaux reassigned to education ministry

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Leamond Deleveaux was “deployed” to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology upon his return to office from a months-long leave yesterday, becoming now the third senior officer to be reassigned upon returning to duty.

In a letter signed by Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson, Deleveaux is directed to report to the minister of education for at least one year.

“I wish to advise that pursuant to Section 12 of the Police Force Act, No. 3 of 2009, I have decided to deploy you on special assignment at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to assist with overall security concerns within that ministry,” the letter states.

“The deployment is to take effect on Thursday, 13 February, 2020 for an initial period of 12 months, and is ancillary to your present position in the Royal Bahamas Police Force. Your current benefits, entitlements and pension are to remain the same.

“You will play an integral part of the executive team in that ministry. You are hereby directed to report to the minister of education, science and technology.”

Although the letter is dated February 7, Deleveaux only just received it yesterday.

The Nassau Guardian understands that Deleveaux did not report to Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd up to press time yesterday.

Like the other two senior officers who met similar circumstances, Deleveaux has sought the legal counsel of attorney Wayne Munroe, QC.

Munroe suggested that Deleveaux “should go see what the calamity is at the Ministry of Education” that would require the presence of an ACP.

“If now there’s a great calamity with the Ministry of Education that they need an ACP – if ‘report to’ means go and find out what the issues are, that’s fine, [but] if ‘report to’ means like he reports now to the commissioner, he can’t be made to report to anybody else,” Munroe told The Guardian.

“If they set an assignment for him, he will go and find out what the details are, and for the life of me I got the impression from the minister of national security that crime was alright.

“Now it would appear that it’s out of hand in the Ministry of Health and out of hand in the Ministry of Education.”

Munroe was referring to the reassignment of ACP Clayton Fernander to the Ministry of Health last month, which he called “silly” and “a farce”.

“Fernander is ACP of crime and up to his time being placed on leave he was not aware of any serious crimes related to [the] health system,” Munroe said at the time.

Making similar comments yesterday, he said of Deleveaux: “Certainly, he should go see what the calamity is at the Ministry of Education. Apparently there’s a lot of crime that isn’t in the crime reports.”

He added, “But I thought that every school now when you pass them they have a police officer outside…

“I see that we have police back outside schools, and when we had police in schools, I don’t think any of them were ACPs. I think they were constables and corporals commanded by a sergeant.”

Last March, Deputy Commissioner Emrick Seymour, Senior ACP Stephen Dean, ACP Clarence Reckley, ACP Ashton Greenslade, ACP Theophilus Cunningham, ACP Ken Strachan, Fernander and Deleveaux were asked to take their many weeks of accumulated vacation.

Strachan was the first senior officer reassigned upon his return to work in December when he was appointed chief of security for the Willie Mae Pratt and Simpson Penn juvenile schools; and Fernander was the second.

Strachan has since taken legal action; and Munroe has suggested that Fernander might also take legal action.

Royal Bahamas Defence Force Commodore Tellis Bethel was also placed on leave in October.

He was expected to return to work last month; however, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames told The Guardian that Bethel will remain out of office until at least April.

Dames also said last month that Ferguson is “nearing the end” of his time as commissioner.

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