Actions of competent authority are to blame for COVID-19 surge

Dear Editor,

The competent authority and his crew have bogusly sought to blame Bahamians, across the board, for the surge in confirmed COVID-19 cases over on Grand Bahama and other parts of the nation, inclusive of New Providence and Cat Island.

They were warned by me and countless others not to reopen our borders too soon in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

They paid no one any attention beside themselves and with great fanfare it was announced by the competent authority and our beloved minister of tourism and aviation that we’d reopen international travel on July 1, 2020.

No medical or scientific evidence was presented to support such a stupid move.

Now there is egg on their collective faces and hundreds if not thousands of Bahamians are at risk for contraction of the disease due to the government’s premature decision on reopening.

The competent authority has been found out to be anything other than competent. This man’s messianic personality knows no sensible bounds.

He is surrounded by a bunch of yes men and women who have become attached to his disjointed rule for any number of reasons.

There is a top-heavy Cabinet and there are countless parliamentary secretaries. Obviously, Cabinet and parliamentary salaries play a big role here.

The blame for the surge lies squarely at the feet of the competent authority and my good friend, the able minister of tourism and aviation.

In another jurisdiction, the competent authority, et al, would have been sued by individuals negatively impacted by silly public policy initiatives.

Only in The Bahamas, however, are politicians allowed to blame citizens for their bad decisions.

I told all of them weeks ago not to reopen too soon.

Well, they all paid me no mind and now we are faced with a two-week lockdown over on Grand Bahama and a curfew on New Providence.

Two workers at Baker’s Bay have tested positive — a Bahamian and a Mexican.

When it was announced by the regime that some 120 odd Mexicans were coming in to work at Baker’s Bay, I told the competent authority, the minister of labor and the minister of immigration not to let them in.

Someone, inclusive of the competent authority and the minister of tourism, must accept political responsibility.

I told them so. 

Ortland H. Bodie Jr.

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