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Address everyone respectfully

remember very well, when I was a teenager growing up in Ireland, during the summer vacation from school, I just loved to go and spend time on my grandfather’s farm in Kells. It was a complete change of scenery from the capital city Dublin where I lived. I just adored spending at least a month or more on my grandfather’s sprawling farm.

Now apart from dealing with all of the animals, I can recall very well, that my grandfather, grandmother and a couple of my uncles who ran the day-to-day operations of the very large farm, were all extremely respectful and mannerly to all of the workers — even the most lowly, and of course they were very courteous and respectful in return, addressing everyone with ‘yes sir’ and ‘yes ma’am’ … etc. Why, even me as a young teenager was treated with respect. But you know what, the workers on my grandfather’s farm were just responding to the way in which they were treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. My friend, I learned a very important lesson at that farm and it is contained in today’s simple title, address everyone respectfully.

Now let me ask you a simple question based on what I’ve stated so far here today — do you address everyone respectfully? Well do you? And incidentally, I do mean everyone, even the garbage man? You see, it’s just plain old common sense really, that as you treat others in all of your dealings with them, so too will you be treated. Actually, it’s simply the universal law of cause and effect in operation. Of course, from a spiritual point of view, isn’t that the way we’re supposed to treat everyone, every single member of God’s one universal family — with respect and common courtesy?

I’m sure everyone realizes, that what I write about in these Time to Think articles is not rocket science but simply, plain old common sense, however it’s the truth. So please my friend, make sure that from this day onwards, you treat everyone – that’s right, every single person you come in contact with irrespective of their status in life with respect and courtesy, after all, it’s surely the right, the spiritual thing to do? Yes, it is.

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