Airbnb Experiences is a game changer for local entrepreneurs

Airbnb Experiences is changing the way Bahamians bring their unique excursions to visitors and three entrepreneurs highlighted by Airbnb are just a few of many who are taking advantage of the platform’s ease and power, according to a press release from Airbnb.

Airbnb Experiences allows individuals who have developed tours to sell their experiences on Airbnb’s platform.

Chiccharney Farms’ Farm to Table Experience allows its visitors to get “a taste of the islands” with homemade products like ice cream, juices, jams and bush teas.

 Chavara Roker-Eneas, president of Chiccharney Farms, said the experience received its first booking only days after signing up on Airbnb.

“I love that I get to share our products and story with so many more people now that I’m on Airbnb Experiences,” Roker-Eneas said in the release. “Experiences is a game changer for local entrepreneurs.”

Monty Knowles has expanded his Junkanoo Nymph idea into an experience with Airbnb, offering visitors the experience of being designed into one of his nymphs for a one-of-a-kind photoshoot.

“Paintings take place on a docked 46-foot boat overlooking Nassau Harbour and Paradise Island,” the Airbnb release stated.

“The detailed body paintings are then carefully photographed to produce high-resolution photographs suitable for large prints. Truly an unforgettable experience.”

Knowles said selling his product through the Airbnb platform has allowed him to concentrate on his art.

“Signing up online was seamless and I would encourage other creatives to take advantage of this opportunity to share their passions and knowledge with the millions of travelers who use Airbnb’s platform,” he said in the release.

According to Airbnb, the Experiences platform allows the user to begin hosting their tours and excursions with no upfront costs, with Airbnb handling the payment processing and insurance protection of up to $1 million “for most activities”. The company charges a 20 percent service fee on all experience sales.

“The launch of Airbnb Experiences in The Bahamas provides a unique opportunity for local culture curators to share their knowledge of the islands and what it means to be uniquely Bahamian with guests from around the world,” Airbnb’s release noted.

“Experiences align with Airbnb’s mission of creating a world where anyone can belong anywhere. They also ensure that as tourism becomes a larger portion of economies around the world, local people and the communities they live in are the primary beneficiaries.”

Arlene Nash-Ferguson is selling her Educulture experience on Airbnb, according to the release, which explained that guests from around the world come to see her Junkanoo museum.

“Junkanoo is an important part of Bahamian culture and history and we want to nurture it, celebrate it and share it with as many people as we can,’’ said Nash-Ferguson.

“The Airbnb team helped us get our experience listed and they’ve been eager to help us improve our listing. This means we can focus on giving our guests the best ‘true-true’ Bahamian experience possible.”

Bahamians who wish to create an experience simply have to apply online.

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