Alisha’s tops in art and design (craft)

For Alisha Carey, hard work pays off. She says she put in the work and got the result when she was awarded the subject award, best result for art and design (craft) at the 2019 national awards ceremony.

“To be chosen as the top BGCSE craft student, I feel privileged to be recognized as one of the most outstanding students, not only on the island of Eleuthera, but the country. It shows that hard work truly pays off. And that with God and determination on your side, all things are possible – the sky is indeed the limit,” said a proud Carey.

“Having to hear my name called amongst so many students in the room made me feel proud because I spent long nights and days with tears coming down my eyes, trying to complete my coursework, and all of those long days and nights surely did pay off,” said the 11th grade Windermere High School student.

Carey did a flamingo for her first piece, to represent the national bird; a mirror with different cancer ribbons to remind people that when they look into it, that there is someone fighting a battle; and a dog to represent man’s best friend.

“I am very proud of myself because I put a lot of time and effort into my work to ensure that my pieces were well put together and spectacular so that [they] would catch the person’s attention when they look at it, so they can see the beauty of it.”

As for those people that may scoff at the idea of an art and craft subject award versus an academic award, Carey reminds them that in life everything learnt is something they end up needing. She says having the ability and privilege to do art is beyond a blessing.

“Everyone has special talent and if it calls for one to simply embrace it then we should. As for me, art is something I enjoy doing. Art relaxes the mind and gives you a new way to think and incorporate and create a new image,” she said. “Art and craft involve a wide variety of activities…making things with one’s own hands, considered a hobby that one can enjoy during free time; and for children and adults to enjoy.”

She also wrote the biology, history, English language and math exams last year in 11th grade and will be retaking some of them this year to receive better results.

Carey plans to sit six BGCSE’s this year – religious knowledge, history, biology, keyboarding, English language and math.

Carey may have received the subject award for art and craft (design), but she said art and craft in no way factors into her life’s aspirations. She plans to study biochemistry in college, with a view to pursuing studies in medicine.

“I’m not exactly sure what I want to do. Whatever it is, I just want to be great and successful at whatever I become in life. Craft does not factor into my aspirations – however, it is a tool that can always be used because it isn’t a talent that’s going to waste. It will always be with [me].”

She says a quality education means everything to her and is the key to success.

“Education is facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Education can get you far in life. With a degree in your hand and knowledge, you are unstoppable. An education is something you will always have. Learning expands your knowledge and allows you to think. Education is a tool that we must simply apply and use in our everyday life. An education is the key to a brighter and better future because with knowledge, who can stop you? But we must simply apply it first because we are using our education to ignite the present for the future,” said the daughter of Eric and Carolyn Carey who currently boasts a 3.67 grade point average.

Her favorite subject is biology because she enjoys learning about how the human body works and its functions and the environment – ecosystems, plants and animals.

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