All-inclusive production studio emerges amid the pandemic

A young entrepreneur who found local production studios offered too little for too much, opened his own full-service, all-inclusive studio to ensure creatives have a space to produce professional, quality work without breaking the bank.

Founder of Tropic Buzz George Thomas Robinson has outfitted a small production studio with all the bells and whistles, including a best boy grip for $99 per hour, which he said is the best deal on the island.

Robinson explained that the wide-spread loss of people during the pandemic drove him to bite the bullet and make his dream of building a studio a reality.

He said it took a long time to get the studio operational, but Tropic Buzz is now open and ready to take clients, with all of its services, including the payment platform, offered on the company’s website

From green screens to a fully stocked green room with complementary chips and drinks, Robinson has strived to be truly all-inclusive.

“I wanted to shoot places and I found the prices were just enormous and it was just for a room,” said Robinson.

“For me, when I record, I want to record for a whole day, so I wanted to make an option for people who wanted to record at a budget they could actually afford.

“Say they wanted to do a show and they wanted to record from eight in the morning to six in the night – the price on that is astronomical at other places.

“People with independent budgets don’t really have big budgets, but it would be cool if they had a place where they could actually use top-grade, industry-standard equipment and actually make the content they want to make and not break the bank.”

According to Robinson, the studio can accommodate multiple shoots simultaneously. Within the studio, he has produced content for Sands, Bahamas Power and Light and Ricardo. He said he keeps the studio costs low by providing on-hand assistance, eliminating the need for insurance and down payment costs. 

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