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Amber Spa therapist speaks to the importance of healthy nails

While the eyes may be the windows to the soul, your nails can offer a glimpse into your overall health, according to therapist Lynn Evans, who extols the virtues of regular manicures and pedicures, not just for pampering, but to ensure people maintain healthy nails.

Evans, a therapist at the boutique Amber Spa at the Warwick Hotel, said in a bid to be healthy, people exercise and try to eat properly, but also need to be cognizant of their nail health as well.

“It’s self-care,” said the Amber Spa boutique therapist.

“Of course, manis and pedis make us feel great, but we also need to make sure that we have healthy nails. Your nails give you warnings about your body. You just need to look out for the signals, and that’s where your nail therapist can come in, because we look out for signals. And you want to look out for certain patterns on the nail bed such as ridges and discoloration; dry, cracked, or brittle nails. Unless you had trauma to a nail, it gives you just a little warning that when you go back to your physician, you can point it out to them,” said Evans.

“Manis and pedis should be done once a month – at least every 28 days, because they aid in cell rejuvenation.”

She extols the virtues of a delightfully therapeutic “Ignite and Chill”, contrasting hot and cold therapy, which stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic systems. It’s a method that reduces inflammation, stimulates circulation, and relaxes tight muscles, easing pain through the use of alternating codacia lava shells (hot) and cowrie shells (cold), which help every cell in the body receive more oxygen and nutrients. It’s a combination that creates a vascular flash.

At Amber, there is also the offer of a detox treatment that Evans said is stimulating to the circulation and the lymphatic system.

“People think manis and pedis is all just for beautification, it’s not just for beautification, and I think people should see the importance of going to a professional nailcare technician, because it’s not just about slapping on acrylics, and harsh things. The nail bed is delicate, and cuts and fungus can have serious repercussions. It should be taken seriously, and when you have services done, hygiene should be all important. Don’t take these things for granted, either. We’re in a pandemic, but the simple things we take for granted, spread diseases.”

Amber Spa therapist Lynn Evans says manicures and pedicures give a person a sense of knowing they are taking care of themselves.

Pivoting with the pandemic and the changes to sanitization protocols, while Evans admits Amber Spa’s health protocols were already at a high standard, she said they have further heightened their spa protocols to ensure client and staff safety.

Evans added that sanitation compliance, hygiene and social distancing protocols have been given the utmost attention.

“We use pretty much everything disposable like files and buffers, except for the stainless-steel tools that have to be used, which we sanitize. Everything is one touch, one use. We use spray bottles and drops, and station-wise, we don’t repeat a station. And staff wears not only a mask during service, but a shield and an apron, and gloves.”

Diabetics she recommends should also be hyperaware when seeking services and want to avail themselves of a therapist who is looking out for their health.

“You don’t cut their cuticles and ensure between the toes aren’t left damp because you don’t want to scrape the tissue in those tender areas. We want to ensure they have proper foot care. They may have callus in one area, and another area tender, and we have to be able to work around that and not nip and buff.”

She explained that a nail technician can also point out if a person is low in some nutrient, and can see certain things a person may not recognize.

Evans added that manis and pedis give a person a sense of knowing they are taking care of themselves.

“It gives you a sense of self-care. It’s a privilege to know that you have availability to such facilities and can enjoy it. You’re in a relaxed environment, you can meet new people, and engage in conversation.”

As a resort spa, Amber Spa’s protocol includes patrons needing a COVID-19-negative test within five days, mask, hand sanitization, and the COVID questionnaire is mandatory for tracing purposes. And services are by appointment only to ensure safe distancing. Patrons are met at the front door by a therapist and escorted to and from the spa.

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