An honorary farewell to an honorable journalist

Dear Editor,

The late Calsey Johnson, nation-builder, media pioneer, a dedicated family man, a son of the Lord Jesus Christ; parliamentarian and a diplomat par excellence, will long be remembered fondly as long as there is The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Back in the 1970s, people like Calsey, former Cabinet minister and representative in the House of Assembly, Charles Carter; former FNM parliamentarian Mike Smith, et al, were the public faces and voices of what is now The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (the ZNS).

Later, they were joined by talented individuals like Wendall Jones, Darold Miller, Fred Mitchell, Obie Wilchombe, Christina “Chrissy Love” Thompson, Anthony “Ace” Newbold and others too numerous to mention.

It is my position that Calsey, Charles, Mike, Obie, Fred, et al, despite their political persuasion displayed at various times, all deserve appropriate national honors, both in life and in death. I fear, however, that we have not yet evolved, politically, to that level of public recognition.

I remember Calsey as the consummate journalist, having been trained in Canada. A fact checker, he was responsible in the extreme despite being suspected of being a PLP.

He emulated the persona of Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling, our first prime minister.

Upon leaving The Broadcasting Corporation, Calsey ventured into partisan politics as an executive and senator within the PLP. He also offered as a candidate for that party over in Bamboo Town. He was unsuccessful but remained committed to nation building for the rest of his life.

Calsey appeared on many of my assorted radio and televised talk shows over the past decade.

He was always gung-ho about the future of our wonderful nation. He had a personality which simply bubbled and overflowed with agape love towards all and sundry.

Few media personalities could speak like he did, save perhaps myself, with all modesty.

Well done, Calsey. Condolences to his widow and immediate family. To God, then, in all things, even death, be the glory.

– Ortland H. Bodie, Jr.

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