An inconsiderate stance by big business

Dear Editor,

As the entire Bahamas is aware, we are under a national emergency order, with movement being authorized for specific activity and essential services only.

To this point in time, the people of this nation have done very well in following this mandate.

Regrettably, as the number of cases increase, it is my view that we will have, yet, a while to go before this is all over and too bad if the liquor stores are not opened.

We will get over it.

Today, I write from a humanitarian perspective.

As I pass the food stores, and as I am reminded by the photo of a bank line on the front page of your April 1, 2020 paper, it is my view that our corporate citizens, who are considered essential services, could make a small but better effort to help make this process much more tolerable.

Specifically, we all understand the long lines but the wait is less miserable.

For example, people are standing in the sun for a considerable period of time with no chairs, no railings to lean on.

I understand some of these “comforts” are major germ conductors.

However, could they not rent some tents for their customers to stand under while they wait to enter the stores?

There are no weddings, no huge funerals, no major social gatherings.

There must be an abundance of tents available for these multimillion-dollar businesses to rent. But, oh no! Let them people stand in the sun!!

Standing in the sun could be challenging, especially for the aged and medically compromised.

Such a small step would show that you care for people more than the money.

Something has to be wrong with this inconsiderate stance by big business.


Risk Averse

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